About Us

Our Mission

Balance Early Learning Academy  is a remarkable example of play-based learning, student-centered, visionary education. We believe that learning is a voyage of self-discovery and that education is acquiring knowledge and experiencing the joy of learning that shapes a lifetime.

Leadership & Management

We are a Colorado state Licensed Early Childhood Education child care facility. We hold enough staff members to meet the state required ratios. We have a parent handbook that gives parents our policies, procedures, philosophy’s, values and goals. 

Our Core Values 



Not inhibited to participate and to have the community participate in their lives.
Receiving and giving back.
An organic community where things flow naturally.
Diversity and inclusive school community and culture.
Preparing our students to be a part of the community in which they live, an integrated mindful contributor to our community.


Creative, open art perspective alive in all subjects, shaping individuals to see the world creatively through the natural flow of their subjects and encouraging falling in love with their interests and the natural flow of each adventure in learning.


Being a leader in the community to achieve individual achievement and the art of motivating oneself and others to achieve a goal. The art of inspiring and providing support to every individual along their adventure to learning. Being responsible and having a leader mindset inspires vision and creating something new.


Being present, in the moment with no judgment, no expectation. Nothing added, nothing left out. There is no place to go, and you are right where you are supposed to be. Considering the perspectives of others. Being responsible -  not

as guilt, blame, or shame. Being responsible as being in a place to stand and say what’s so.


We respect our earth – we consciously use our resources and our surroundings. We have care and concern for our planet and our spaces.


We are curious about how things work. We learn with a systematic methodology based on evidence. We are excited to explore the physical, biological, social, and natural environment.


We use technology to enhance our learning further and expand our minds.We use technology in balance with the development of our social and emotional wellbeing.